Lester Binns Opinion In The Herald

Alexander PR In The Media

Something you may not know about the online tax-refund industry in New Zealand is that it originated in the South Island. Lester Binns, CEO of Mytax.co.nz, was in the New Zealand Herald this week, talking about how there is no reason why a business can not thrive in the smaller towns around New Zealand. Mr Binns is adamant that other businesses can thrive the way that mytax.co.nz has. and he then goes on to explain why his business would not do as well in Auckland as it does in Nelson. Some of the reasons he lists are because of low overheads, high staff retention rates and limited traffic. There is also no compromising on staff, space or infrastructure, Mr Binns explains. He also believes that for New Zealand’s economy to grow we need to have more businesses around the country. The New Zealand Mid-Market Report 2014 by GE Capital finds that the mid-market sector is an important part of regional economies. This part of the market is growing, contributing 27.8 per cent of New Zealand’s sales growth between 2010 and 2012, and contributing $66.2 billion to the economy (32 per cent of GDP) in 2012, up from $61.5 billion in 2011.