Motocross daredevils pull big crowds at The Palms

Alexander PR In The Media

FMX at The Palms

Shoppers at The Palms were treated to some high flying freestyle motocross action for free on Saturday, as the crew from Rob Turner’s Hard Core FMX let loose and got some serious air over a 75 foot gap between two ramps.

Five Hardcore FMX bikers performed jaw-dropping stunts for thousands of shoppers at The Palms, in Christchurch on Saturday.

Promoter Rob Turner hand picked five of the best FMX bikers – three from Australia, one from Christchurch and one from Alexandra – for four free shows.

Local Christchurch band Mammoth performed while the stunt riders became airborne and performed no-handed and “seat grab” back flips.

Watch the stunt video and read more here.