Smartpay adds new features to Till2Go, the must have app for businesses on the move

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Small business owners were gifted a major technological advantage in mid-2014 when Smartpay launched Till2Go, the free point-of-sale (POS) app that allows iPads and smartphones to operate as mobile cash registers. To date, the Till2Go app has been downloaded from the Apple app store more than 1,000 times, with users able to abandon clunky cash registers and take payments, keep sales records and issue email receipts at the touch of a button.

Just 18 months on, the app – which is still free – has now been updated to include a new tax invoicing feature, Bill2Go, making Till2Go usable by a wider business network and ensuring full compliance with IRD requirements with minimal extra effort by users. Bill2Go enables the creation of one-off invoices listing sale items, descriptions, costs and GST components. Sales records are retained by the app and the information can be emailed to users as .csv files.

Payment can be taken on the spot via the integrated Smartpay EFTPOS terminal or invoices emailed directly to customers or clients. Rates for use of Till2Go remain extremely competitive with the new feature: the app doesn’t charge for debit card acceptance, and credit card processing is charged at bank rates. To accept card payments, an additional piece of hardware is required to facilitate secure card processing, and this is available for less than $50 + GST per month. Users will also need a secure and reliable Wi-Fi network to connect their devices.

Users have the option of deploying Till2Go on its own, as a basic POS solution, or in tandem with the free Smartlink app integrated to a Smartpay D series EFTPOS terminal.

Current survey data on Britain’s pop-up retail economy from the UK’s Centre for Economics and Business Research finds that affordable POS systems are crucial for businesspeople who are less likely to operate from permanent sites. The survey found that 44% of respondents felt that traditional POS systems were too costly to invest in, while 27% felt that they were too complex. The average small business without the ability to accept debit and credit card payments estimated that around £500 were lost annually due to the inability to process card payments.[1]

Bradley Gerdis, Smartpay’s Managing Director, says the app creates freedom for business owners and operators, particularly those on the go. “There is a whole world of business being conducted based on movement these days – pop-up stores, coffee vans, market stall-holders. It’s handy for tradies and other service people like mobile car-cleaners and landscapers. One-off or sporadic activities and fundraisers, such as sausage sizzles and school fairs, can make use of this app.

“The flipside of the popularity of electronic payment methods, of course, is that people often don’t carry cash anymore, and Till2Go is a way to make sure you can easily convert a potential customer, and record all details of the transaction, regardless of how they prefer to pay.

“One of the biggest benefits of Till2Go is that there’s no capital outlay for business owners. It’s also easy and intuitive, as navigable as any Apple app and with no requirement for a programming manual or any sophisticated understanding of software.”

More about Till2Go and its features can be found here.

Fact Sheet

  • Smartpay launched Till2Go in May 2014 and released an updated version, with the Bill2Go tax invoicing feature, in October 2015;
  • The Till2Go app can be downloaded from Apple’s app store:
  • Smartpay, owned and operated in New Zealand and listed on the NZX and ASX since 2013, is a market leader in innovative, world-class payment solutions;
  • Smartpay has supplied over 45,000 EFTPOS machines to more than 15,000 merchants across New Zealand and Australia;
  • The company has the largest installed EFTPOS base and in-house development team in Australasia, making it the market leader and preferred supplier to ASB, BNZ and Westpac. Smartpay was the first EFTPOS supplier to become a Paymark Partner and Accredited Reseller.