Our Services

Business to Business

Alexander PR recognizes that a number of factors distinguish the business to business buying decision from the consumer process. The buying decision has career implications, a chain of decision-makers, and is likely to be influenced by the perceived credibility of a supplier – all of which influences the public relations strategies.

With an intrinsic understanding of the Business to Business Public Relations process, we offer the following services and tools:

  • Partnering with clients to understand their business objectives;
  • Clearly defining markets and strategies to connect with different buyers;
  • Maximising word-of-mouth referrals with social networking tools;
  • Strategies and actions for developing a PR profile based on third-party endorsement;
  • Research to understand stakeholder motivations;
  • Building opinion leadership in relevant markets using a traditional and new-media communications plan;
  • How to utilise positive PR as a sales tool.
  • Small businesses become big, and big businesses grow market share, through a focus on customer communications.

Content Development

Alexander PR employs a wide range of tools to achieve enhanced reputation and engagement for clients, recognising that the best strategy is an integrated offline and online public relations approach.

The firm uses digital media to engage your audiences and deliver targeted exposure, supported by conventional public relations activities.

Alexander PR offers strategies, plans and advice on:

  • Internet reputation monitoring and management;
  • Online content creation, syndication and promotion;
  • Social media content development, engagement, issues and crisis management
  • Blogging, content sharing and consumer engagement;
    Search engine optimisation and marketing;

Crisis Management

Alexander PR prepares individuals and organisations for public challenges to their reputation (both expected and unexpected), helping them achieve the best possible outcome.

Alexander PR offers the following services:

  • Crisis management communication strategies and plans;
  • Development of rapid response procedures;
  • Preparation of key messages and pre-prepared statements;
  • Guidance to staff on media policy;
  • Training of nominated spokespeople;
  • Understanding and monitoring of the current social, political and economic environment to anticipate possible scenarios;
  • Integration of new online technologies – social networking sites, blogs, audio and video streaming – into the crisis communication plan;
  • Organisation and management of press conferences;
  • Formulation of press kits;
  • Online reputation management, monitoring and response.


Consumers buy from brands and companies they know and like. Beyond AC’s demonstrated ability to enhance brand awareness, the firm has active experience in retail public relations strategy.

We are able to assist clients in all facets of business-to-consumer retail communications, including new product launches, concept store openings and special promotional campaigns and events.

  • Alexander PR offers the following tools and services:
  • Creation of promotional activities such as competitions, community events, and CSR-related events;
  • Securing consumer buy-in through publicity and interactive activities using a mix of traditional public relations, marketing communications, and new media;
  • Development and implementation of publicity strategies, plans and programmes;
  • Selecting high-profile spokespeople, key messaging and media training.

Financial Services

In financial services and property development public relations the challenge is to stand out in the crowd and to build credibility in a competitive market.

Alexander PR offers the following tools and services:

  • Definition of and effective communication with niche markets;
    Concise communication of complex information and concepts to stakeholders and the public;
  • Development of crisis communications strategies and procedures;
    Innovative thinking and key strategic communications to build client reputation in a crowded environment, using traditional and new media.
  • Talk to us about your Financial Services public relations requirements.

Professional Services

For a professional services firm there are few things more important than reputation. APR’s experience and expertise has enabled the company to develop innovative communication strategies to grow, manage and protect the reputations of professional services firms.
Alexander PR works with clients to:

  • Identify a positioning strategy that builds long-term profitability while boosting short-term sales;
  • Conceive key messages around the strategy;
  • Build media collateral to reinforce positioning and key messages;
  • Develop strategies to turn clients into thought and opinion leaders;
    Invest in relationships with key media commentators in the client’s sector, thereby encouraging media to seek the client’s opinion in their areas of expertise;
  • Develop partnerships with media where client ‘content’ provides a win/win for the client’s target audience.
  • Talk to us about your professional services public relations requirements.

Internal Communications

An organisation’s reputation is in the hands of the people who carry out its day-to-day activities. Alexander PR is able to assist clients to engage internal stakeholders, offering extensive and practical experience in helping to achieve behaviour change and buy-in.

The tools, methodology and approach to internal communications are quite different from those used externally, requiring greater sensitivity and understanding of the company’s objectives and the motivations of internal stakeholders.

Services include:

  • Internal communications planning;
  • Development of integrated, interactive communication between management and stakeholders;
  • Key messages and positioning;
  • Optimisation of engagement tactics, such as face-to-face briefings, newsletters ,the intranet and social networking platforms like Linkedin and Facebook;
  • Implementation and management of internal stakeholder research.

Media Training

There are few things more intimidating than a camera or microphone in your face. It gets into your personal space and you realise that what you say in the next few seconds can have a massive impact on your business, your career, your life… what do you do?”

Led by a former broadcast journalist, Kate Alexander, and complemented by a media-savvy team of public relations practitioners, we offer media training to help clients understand and respect the power of the media while portraying themselves and their organisation in the best possible light.